Introducing Oradex Charcoal Toothpaste

Love is in the air when you use Oradex's Charcoal Series Toothpaste. Literally. Your breath, the freshness of Spring and your smile, that added sparkle; thanks to the deep cleansing, stain removing, odour absorbing properties of the thoughtfully formulated toothpaste. A charcoal toothpaste like none other. Try it and you'll turn heads your way. Literally.

Two variants:

Oradex Charcoal Green Tea Toothpaste

Great tasting with a hint of green tea.

Oradex Charcoal Cinnamon Toothpaste

For the health condiment aficionado.

Key Features:

That clean feeling …

Activated charcoal binds stains, tartar, food residue, bacteria and viruses onto itself and rinsing removes them, leaving your mouth clean and free from these particles. As a result, you get that deep clean feeling and your teeth’s colour is restored to its natural whiteness.

Bacteria begone …

Combined with natural antimicrobial extracts (Cinnamon / Green Tea), the growth of oral bacteria that causes dental plaque and gum disease is inhibited. These extracts reduce germs that causes gum disease, bleeding and bad breath. They are also natural antioxidants that fights oxidative stress and harmful free radicals that causes inflammation of the gums.

Breath of fresh air …

Because of charcoal’s ability to attract and bind, it is able to reach even anaerobic bacteria that lives below the gum line, the main culprits of gum disease and producers of smelly VSCs (volatile sulphur compounds) that causes bad breath.

Safe whitening toothpaste …

The toothpaste contains no artificial colors. It is free of parabens, SLS, alumina and bleach (hydrogen peroxide).