Dr Menon, Dental Practitioner, Kuala Lumpur

I have been using Oradex alcohol-free chlorhexidine based oral rinse ever since it has been introduced in the market. I use in many of my procedures, some of which I will mention below.


It is a standard procedure for all of my patients to have a Oradex gargle even before the anaesthetic is administered, to improve the oral hygiene of the patient, and in the hygienically compromised cases it improves the hygiene and also reduces the oral odour including that of the smokers. I also give it to all surgical and some of the extraction cases after the procedure. It helps very much in the healing, as compared to the days when I did not prescribe a mouth rinse.


The usage of Oradex before a scaling or periodontal procedure reduces mouth odour usually associated with such cases, making it more pleasant for the operator. Its continued use after the procedure facilitates healing of periodontal tissues considerably.

In cases of chronic periodontitis with very fast plaque and tartar formation, daily use of ORADEX EVERYDAY together with proper oral hygiene instructions improves the health status of the periodontal tissues considerably. Patients are usually very thankful because they find it much easier to manage their periodontal tissues or gums as they call it.


After long procedures like crown and bridge preparations and banding up of orthodontic brackets, the usage of Oradex gargle, improves the comfort level when the patient returns home, usually without the need for any analgesics.

Dr Dasan, Consultant Periodontist, Kuala Lumpur

1. Patients who have undergone oral surgical procedures like extraction, periodontal surgery and dento alveolar surgical procedures are prescribed Oradex before the procedure and after the procedure to reduce bacterial load and until the patient is able to carry out mechanical oral hygiene procedures post surgically.

2. Patients who are immune compromised, have advanced gingivitis/periodontitis and who are unable to carry out oral hygiene procedures are prescribed Oradex for bacterial plaque control, usually after mechanical full mouth disinfection (scaling).

3. Oradex is used as a mouth wash to reduce the bacterial / viral load before any procedures are carried out in patients who have Hepatitis B / HIV infections as one of the infection control procedures.

4. I prescribe Oradex in patients who seek treatment for mouth ulcers as it reduces the intensity (pain), duration and secondary infections in these ulcers.

5. I use Oradex in pre surgical cleansing of the surgical and surrounding sites before carrying out any surgical procedures, as an antiseptic agent.

These are some situations where I use Oradex and I am sure that my colleagues in the Faculty also do the same.

Dr Taj, Medical Practitioner, Penang

I usually prescribe Oradex mouthwash to be used as a gargle for sore throat especially in patients with the cold and flu symptoms. I have found it to be very effective and it also helps reduce secondary infections in the mouth and throat.

Dr CK Koh, Medical Specialist, Kuala Lumpur

After switching to Oradex mouthwash which I found to be more effective and pleasant to use, I have been recommending it to other family members, friends and patients for their oral needs. In cases when afflicted with flu, the mouthwash helps reduce oral infection and prevent spread from person to person when coughing.

My whole family is now using the Oradex Vitamin Toothpaste as well and find it more than satisfactory as it strengthens both teeth and gums.