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Gum disease is a silent disease that may not cause pain until it has reached a severe stage. If your gums bleed even sometimes, something is wrong. Periodontitis (gum disease) occurs when infection of the gums is left untreated. Infection and inflammation spreads from the gums to the ligaments and bone that supports the teeth, causing teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. More and more studies also indicate that gum disease is linked to a host of systemic diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis and respiratory disorders. Find out how gum disease affects your overall health.

Oradex Daily Mouthwash Range.

Periodontal disease has overtaken dental caries as the main cause of tooth loss and can affect overall health. Daily use from our mouthwash range ensures tiptop periodontal health. They contain clinically proven antibacterial agents that stops bleeding gums, removes bad breath and relieves tooth and gum aches caused by infections. All our mouthwash are Alcohol Free, Paraben Free and SLS Free.